Summer days

Now that one of the oddest-summers-ever is just about history check out the plan for HackShack 2020-2021.

  • Flexible scheduling just reserve online 48 hours before.
  • Flexible learning try new classes every week or laser focus just one.
  • Flexible hours schedule your class at 9am or 1pm we will be here.
  • Flexible support need help with administering your homeschool virtual program ?
  • Flexible attendance all @Studio classes will all be mirrored online at the same time.



Whether they’re watching the latest episode of Daniel Tiger or elbows deep into some remote learning or homeschooling, kids need a good laptop. Comfort, safety, and durability reign supreme when shopping for tech gear for kids.

So here is the truth about laptops. There sole purpose for existence is portability everything else is marketing hype. The only exception is CPU rating. So, if said laptop is a stationary laptop you are really looking for a desktop. So if you really need the portability of a laptop look for one with a CPU i5 equivalent or greater. It’s one of the most important features you cant upgrade later.

My top choice this year, balancing performance, cost, and life span is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 (14”) laptop.